10 ways to plunge into the world of childhood again and cheer yourself up

From time to time, each of us feels “too old”: days become similar to each other, we plunge into the routine of everyday affairs, and there is no time left for unpredictable actions. At such moments, I want to look again at the world with the joy and spontaneity inherent in children. The good news is that it’s easy to do this! Here are some ways you can wake up your "inner child."

What did you play at school breaks, in the children's camp or after lessons with friends in the yard? Surely not only in football. Invite your friends to go on a thematic picnic and together remember your favorite games: "Forged Chains", "Little Ring", "The Sea is Worried", salki, hide and seek .

.. There are a lot of options! In some of them - "Three-Fifteen", "Classics", "Rezinochki" - you can play even a very small company.

10 ways to plunge into the world of childhood again and cheer yourself up

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Buy a couple in the store packs of fruit gum and inflate the biggest bubble you can.

It is interesting that not only this action will help you feel like a child for a short while, but also the aroma of gum. British professor Barry Smith


that smells can evoke old memories. A study in which 2,000 people participated showed that chewing gum was one of the most powerful catalysts for childhood memories.

Children love secret "houses" - alone they build improvised forts from chairs and rugs right in the apartment, while others build huts from branches and leaves in the country. American teacher David Sobel, who wrote the book

Nooks for Children’s Games

, argues that such structures help children to better understand the world and become independent.

Why should adults also build a fortress from improvised materials and climb inside? A cozy space will create a sense of security, help relieve stress and relax - especially if you leave your smartphone outside and bring along a book of Jules Verne and a package of sweets.

10 ways to plunge into the world of childhood again and cheer yourself up

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Find music playlists that were popular at discos during your youth, as easy as shelling pears. Turn on the hits and succumb to memories: who you liked in the classroom, whether you managed to dance together at the disco. What if you had a first kiss at school dancing? Be that as it may, this music will surely charge you with a good mood.

Inserts, i.e. special pieces of paper from packaging with chewing gum with a picture of cars , football teams, Hollywood celebrities, comics, in the 1990s were a kind of currency among children. They were collected, exchanged, played on: stacked and sharply clapped them with his palm, trying to turn them over. The owner of a large pile or one with a rare specimen was considered cool among the guys.

Order the same chewing gum from childhood online and compete with friends who will “knock out” more candy wrappers.

Remember what you were fond of as a child. Perhaps you wove colorful baubles from beads or sang in a school choir. Or assembled metal designers. We played Tetris.

Devote a couple of hours this weekend to your childhood hobby - and perhaps you will be able to remember your hidden talents and get a lot of positive emotions from your once beloved occupation.

10 ways to plunge into the world of childhood again and cheer yourself up

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One of the fastest and easiest ways reincarnate as a child - make yourself a funny hairstyle with rubber bands, hairpins with rhinestones and rims. Ponytails, a tall “palm” on the head, hedgehogs, mohawks, braids with bright bows will surely relieve the spleen and cheer up.

A common opinion of adults that soft toys are just dust collectors "perhaps fair, but .

.. very boring. Remember how you fell asleep with your beloved bear, told your secrets to him, shared your fears and grievances with him. Give yourself a present: buy a stuffed toy similar to your teddy pet and take advantage of its ability to be the perfect listener.

10 ways to plunge into the world of childhood again and cheer yourself up

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Yes, we maintain a family budget, we plan large purchases in advance, pay loans - in a word, we manage money in an adult way. But quite often we forget how nice it is to get a small amount that can be spent on spontaneous pleasures. Give yourself 500-1 000 rubles and spend this money on something pleasant that your child could buy: attractions, movies, ice cream. Try not to feel guilty about "aimless" spending: you get yourself in a good mood.

According to

international study

of the LinkedIn portal, only 30% of people work in the field of activity that they fantasized about as children. If you are not among such lucky ones, do not be discouraged: think about how you can realize your childhood expectations at least partially. Dreamed of being a veterinarian - make friends with a cat, a writer - compose a fairy tale. Craving for adventure - go quest with friends or go to the climbing wall. Realizing your old dream, you will definitely feel satisfied, because you kept the word that you gave yourself many years ago.



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