10 Ways to Keep New Year's Promises

We know how to make New Year’s promises come true, but a new life will begin. What is needed for this? Just a little - just listen to these ten tips (and yes, you don’t need to burn and drink anything with champagne).

Agree, New Year is the perfect time to start a new life and promise yourself to do what during the previous 365 days failed. Yes, you’ll definitely lose weight, you’ll definitely start to play sports at least three times a week, and finally quit smoking. But, as often happens, the first of January does not begin a new life, but the old, full of painfully accustomed to laziness, continues.

Knowing this trend, we have put together ten small tips that will help you not to lose your fuse and bring your plan to the end.

In order to determine what exactly you want to do in new year, it is not necessary to wait on the ninth of January (besides, on the first working day after the holidays, you hardly want to arrange a brainstorming) Want to learn how to dance Vogue? Look for suitable school options right now (they are here). Want to sit on the twine? Great, you can start immediately (all the recommendations can be found here). In general, today you can do something to achieve your goal. Remember the power of small steps.

10 Ways to Keep New Year's Promises

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Setting yourself abstract tasks, you you risk not moving forward and again plunge into the expectation of next year. If you have a complex global goal, it’s best to divide it into mini-goals. For example, if you want to lose weight by 30 kilograms, then decide that every month you need to get rid of five extra kilograms. So you will have a specific and, most importantly, quite feasible task, which will gradually lead you to the finish line.

"Learn to swim in 2019" - this is how a bad plan looks, " January 13, 7:45, "Olympic" - and so good. The more specifics, the better. Describe now the days when you will do business from the list of New Year's promises. Fitness club three times a week? Okay, let's decide on time. Now.

10 Ways to Keep New Year's Promises

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Despite the fact that experts agree that a person needs an average of 21-28 days to then, to adopt and form a new habit, if in the end I on January you still won’t get used to flossing after each meal, don’t panic.

According to another study

, it may sometimes take a little longer - from 18 to 254 days. So keep bending your line and don’t give up.

We have already told you about 100% magic and about how this number will help you achieve even the most difficult goals (here HERE you will find everything you need).

The bottom line is that if you take on something, then you will not go a step away from the intended one. That is, they decided to give up alcohol for a month, which means that you do not drink alcohol for a month. At all. No, it’s also impossible once. No, at the birthday party, friends are also not allowed.

In addition, if you are very dependent on something and literally cannot live without it (for example, without chocolate), then you are unlikely to be able to use it in moderation. And the principle "out of sight - out of mind" really works.

10 Ways to Keep New Year's Promises

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If you have never participated in amateur competitions and only recently, in principle, have crossed the threshold of a fitness center, then setting a goal for the year to prepare for IRONMAN is wrong. Firstly, it is dangerous, and secondly, it is simply unattainable.

Yes, and why? Unrealistic desires always end the same way - disappointment and loss of self-confidence. Be realistic and do not go to extremes - objectively assess the state of things and only after that decide what you will take up.

In order to make it easier for you to abandon the old stupid habits, notice them to any useful things. Want to relax? Great, just instead of facebook and instagram read a book or take a little nap. Wanted something delicious? Well, just instead of running after a terribly high-calorie chocolate bar, prepare something from these desserts - they are tasty and they have very few calories.

10 Ways to Keep New Year's Promises

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It will be much more difficult for you to collapse with the selected roads, if you go on it more than one. Conduct a mini-case study and find out which friends you have similar interests and goals with. But that is not all. Ideally, you need to find a person who possesses those qualities that you do not have.

For example, are you a creative person who is completely unable to plan? Then you need an organized partner who can think strategically. Do you often fall prey to your own laziness? Look for an active friend who cannot sit in one place even for five minutes.

Alas, with pure enthusiasm you will not go far, especially after a collision with the first difficulties. So if you still want to achieve your goal, then there is nothing wrong with coming up with your own reward system. Thus, you will receive an incentive that will help you not slow down and, in case of failure, continue to move forward.

10 Ways to Keep New Year's Promises

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No, post on Instagram that you want to lose weight is optional (take pity on your subscribers), but you can tell your close friends. So you immediately deprive yourself of the possible paths to retreat and at the same time acquire a support group.

And most importantly - believe in yourself. After all, who, if not you?



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