10 UFC fighters worth watching, even if you rarely watch fights

On September 15, the first in Russia evening of battles from the famous UFC promotion will take place at Olimpiysky. Ultimate Fighting Cham11ionshi13 is the most prestigious and powerful promotion in the world of mixed martial arts. It contains the most dangerous, charismatic and talented fighters of the planet. Here are ten of the most interesting of them.

Knocker, brawler and UFC box office fighter right now.

In the early years, Conor was either sitting on unemployment benefits or working as a plumber. He is now on the Forbes list of the highest paid athletes in the world and appears on the cover of GQ. The Irish's trick is to be impudent, but to confirm the words with deed. In seven seconds, McGregor knocked out champion Jose Aldo, who had not lost for ten years. Conor is the first fighter in the UFC to own belts in two weight categories at the same time.

For the past two years he has not fought in a cage - he spent time with his newborn son Conor Jr. and entered the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather, earning, according to him, $ 100 million. In early October, he will meet with Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov. All tickets have already been sold for this fight, and the UFC management promises one of the most ambitious tournaments in the history of the promotion.

Next fight: October 6 against Khabib Nurmagomedov at the UFC 229 tournament (Las Vegas, USA).

Petite blonde Paige VanZant looks more like a Hollywood one starlet than a professional fighter. She is charming, sings well and dances well - even took second place in the next season of American "Dancing with the Stars." All this does not prevent her from fighting in a cage - aggressively and from the heart. VanZant is never afraid to shed blood, his own or opponents. Contrary to the first impression, Page is not one of those who got it easy.

At school, VanZant experienced sexual abuse and was so severely persecuted that she thought about suicide. Martial arts classes helped to feel more confident and change lives for the better. Although the last time she fought in January, she did not sit idle - she released an autobiography and increased her breasts. “I’m a girl, and I always wanted to have boobs for myself. But they never grew up - I had to buy them,” Paige said.

Next battle: date not determined.

The first UFC champion from Russia in the XXI century and at 29 years old is already a legend. Habib learned to walk on the tatami (elastic carpet for judo), at the age of ten he fought with a bear, and as a teenager he played at many amateur tournaments - from Greco-Roman wrestling to Wushu Sanda. Nurmagomedov's track record in professional sports: 26 fights and not a single defeat. Nurmagomedov’s excellent fighting skills are combined with a sharp tongue and a good sense of humor.

He is fluent in English and successfully trolls opponents in two languages. If during his fight with McGregor Conor fans can be recognized by the colors of the flag of Ireland, then Habib fans - by shaggy white hats. The headdress that he glorified in the USA.

Next fight: October 6 against Conor MagGregor at the UFC 229 tournament (Las Vegas, USA).

Born in Kyrgyzstan, stands for Peru, travels with a Russian passport and considers himself a "Soviet man.

" Already at the age of 12, she held her first fight in professionals. She won the championships in Thai boxing and kickboxing, has sports titles in boxing, judo and taekwondo. Even such a harsh background does not prevent her from remaining feminine and attractive. Her hobbies are dancing, shooting sports and playing ukulele. Previously, Valentina often had to fight with opponents much larger than herself, but already on September 8 she would fight against Nikko Montagno for the newly established belt in minimum weight.

By the way, her sister Antonina recently also signed a contract with the UFC - the first such case in the history of the organization.

Next fight: September 8 against Nikko Montagno at the UFC 228 tournament (Dallas, USA).

The youngest champion in UFC history (won title at 23), physical unique and one of the best MMA fighters of all time. Jones has phenomenally long limbs; he is equally dangerous in both wrestling and stance. He defended his light heavyweight title a record eight times, but his steepness is special - hooligan.

Joni, for example, was able to win the championship fight even with cocaine in his blood. Outside the cage, the champion became famous for rampant parties, wrecked by expensive cars and a couple of failed doping tests. Now Jones is waiting for the term of his disqualification for doping to expire, and assures that he has become a more mature person.

Next battle: date not determined.

Girl with

dragon tattoo

and a terminator lady in the world of female battles.

The winning streak of Chris Justino, nicknamed Cyborg in MMA, lasts 13 years. She is physically so strong that in sparring effortlessly

throws out

ex-champion Tito Ortiz, whose combat weight exceeds 90 kilograms. Her way of fighting can be disassembled in textbooks on shock equipment. Chris is often bullied because of her appearance, including the famous Ronda Rousey. But Chris's only problem right now is the lack of serious opponents, although the UFC leadership was able to figure out how to solve this issue.

In December, she will fight with the UFC lightweight champion - stubborn and tough Amanda Nunez.

Next fight: December 29 against Amanda Nunez at the UFC 232 tournament (Las Vegas, USA).

One of the most dangerous fighters in the world. Cormier has a small stomach, but this does not prevent him from being faster than most opponents and knocking them out with a corona blow to the right. In a rack he fights no worse than he fights.

Unlike Conor and Habib, Cormier cannot boast a vibrant life outside the cage, but compensates for this with spectacular performances. Daniel does not take perseverance and character: last summer he cried after he was knocked out by John Jones, and a year later he got up in heavy weight and knocked out champion Stipe Miocic. Cormier plans to hold two fights until March 20, 2019, when he turns 40 years old. Defend the light heavyweight title, and then fight in the heavyweight title against the famous fighter and pro-wrestler Brock Lesnar.

Next battle: date not determined.

The owner of a touching appearance and the nickname "Cutthroat" born in a family of immigrants from Lithuania. From the age of five she practiced taekwondo. The biggest achievement is two victories over the champion from Poland Joanna Jendzheichik. Joanna was an unconditional favorite, but Rose was not affected by the difference in experience, nor insults and attempts to intimidate. In the first fight, Namayunas won by knockout, in the second - by points.

Her fiancé and also a professional fighter Pat Barry is a permanent training partner and second in battles. These two are one of the most successful alliances in MMA. Rose remains beautiful, despite many battle scars. This is confirmed by the photo shoot for Women's Health, where she starred completely naked.

Next battle: date not determined.

Looking at Alexander in childhood, it is unlikely someone might have thought that he would earn his living by fighting in a cage - Volkov was a quiet fellow, stuttered slightly and was experiencing bouts of bronchial asthma. Sport helped him overcome himself. As a student, Alexander combined his studies at MSTU. Bauman with karate classes, and later with professional fights in MMA. In 2012, Volkov won the Bellator heavyweight title, but lost it in his first defense.

However, Alexander is one of those fighters who become only stronger after defeats. In 2016, he made his debut in the UFC, spent four fights - and won everything. Now Volkov is a couple of steps away from fighting for the UFC title. But first, he needs to go through the hilarious bully and dangerous knockout Derrick Lewis.

Next fight: October 6 against Derrick Lewis at the UFC 229 tournament (Las Vegas, USA).

Taylor Jeffrey Dillashaw is a living example of why It is worth watching the lightweight fighters. His fights are speed, blast and knockouts. Dillashaw became the champion by defeating Brazilian Henan Barao, who had previously won 31 in a row. UFC longtime commentator Joe Rogan called TJ's performance "the best he has seen in his life." Finally, in the status of one of the most spectacular modern fighters, Dillashaw established himself after two fights with his former friend Cody Garbrandt.

These two had once trained in the same gym, but then quarreled and began to communicate almost like Oxymiron and Purulent. Dillashaw won both times in the fights they say are “instant classic.”

Next battle: date not determined.

You can find out who will fight on September 15 at the UFC Fight Night Moscow and buy tickets here.



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