10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

As you know, the enemy must be known in person. Here it is - in front of you. Hunger and all its guises.

Your hunger is a mystery. Equation with all unknowns.

Secret covered in whipped cream and french fries. Hunger cannot be understood, and most importantly, it is absolutely impossible to come to an agreement with it: sometimes you quickly and without extra sentiment eat everything on your plate, not remembering the missed dessert, and sometimes (the black days of the calendar) you can’t go out for hours the table. Sometimes it seems that someone replaced you. You and your stomach, which now resembles a bottomless barrel and with your hungry urges, does not allow you to move away from the refrigerator. Naturally, such a roller coaster cannot but affect your mood (it’s worse than nowhere) and your waist (it’s nowhere wider).

In fact, you are always between two fires - hunger (physical need to eat) and appetite (desire to eat). But the problems begin only at the moment when confusion arises - you mistakenly accept the desire to eat something tasty for the urgent need of your body for food. Wrong - and voila, you are trapped. The trap closed - the refrigerator door opened. In order not to become a victim of your own stomach, it is important to learn how to correctly decipher the messages that your body sends you.

And for this you must not only know what types of hunger in principle exist, but also be able to distinguish between them. Here it is, a dozen of the very best.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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There are no complaints about real hunger and it can’t be - it signals us that the body urgently needs recharging in order to continue to work smoothly and without failures. Such hunger can manifest itself in the form of increased sweating and reduced blood sugar, and in the form of headache, weakness and rumbling in the stomach.

It would seem that you drop everything and run to dinner as soon as possible, but no - many prefer to hold out until the last and wait for the knees to give way, and the thought of a burger will remain the only thought in my head. It is not surprising that, finally, getting to the table, a person begins to absorb absolutely everything that he can reach. The result can be described in three words: overeating, kilograms, depression. Remember: real hunger can only be satisfied - to fight it is more expensive for yourself. In addition, delay in this matter increases the amount of food eaten by many (very many) times.

The conclusion is simple: eat often, but a little, carry healthy snacks with you and do not bring the situation to hunger cramps.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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Is it so easy to take, turn on your favorite series and not grab something edible from the kitchen? Well, like this. Inadvertently. The first series is a bag of chips.

The second series is a hastily made sandwich with sausage. The third series is an apple (detox, not otherwise).The fifth series is an open packet of last year's cookies found on a shelf. It is unlikely that you are now aware of what is happening, but one of your hands is already elbowed in popcorn, and the second is trying to dial the pizza delivery number. Scientists have found that a person whose attention is focused on something outsider at the time of eating, consumes more calories than if he was focused on food.

So before you sit down on a TV or laptop, ask yourself if you are really hungry, and while watching it, first of all, try to neutralize your hands (knitting is a great option: it’s both exciting and practical) and, secondly, don’t watch advertising - food images once again remind you that you have not raided the refrigerator for a long time.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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You have already taken apart the things in the closet, washed them and cleaned the whole apartment. Well, now is the time to see what we have in the refrigerator - there’s nothing to do anyway. Needless to say, after such a one-time audit, you need to go to the store again and pick up a huge cart of products for a week.

Boredom is an insidious and dangerous thing, and it has nothing to do with hunger. Your main goal is not to fill boredom with anything, but to learn how to transform it into relaxation. Read a book, go for a massage, buy a ticket to the theater or just take a walk (by the way, you always wanted to rent a bike and ride in the park. So, the time has come). Remember, which of your friends you haven’t talked about for a long time - is it possible that the time has come to remind yourself? Thus, you do not just aimlessly spend precious free hours, but fill them with new experiences and emotions.

And if ordinary boredom exhausts, then such rest, on the contrary, gives strength and energizes for new achievements.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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When you get angry, the sugar level in blood count falls, and the level of cortisol (stress hormone), on the contrary, increases. You are annoyed and ready to rush into battle and ..

. eat everything that comes to hand. Research by scientists at Ohio State University found that married people with low blood sugar are more likely to show aggression toward their partners than those with normal sugar. When you experience an "evil" hunger, the desire to eat something sweet is greater than ever, but in the name of your waist and your relationship, try to assess the situation soundly and eat healthy carbohydrates. A handful of berries, an apple or kiwi will raise sugar levels and save you from malice and hunger.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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In all offices of the country three in the afternoon - this is the time when every person sitting at the computer suddenly realizes that he urgently needs that chocolate bar and that small pack of chips from a vending machine with food.Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that by the end of the day our energy reserves are melting and there is a sharp feeling of hunger. We subconsciously want to bring the moment when we can pack our things and go home. The best thing you can do in this situation is to meet hunger fully armed - with wholesome food.

Bet on protein snacks, because after them you will experience a feeling of satiety longer than after carbohydrates, and eat much less in the next meal. So do not forget to put a couple of natural yoghurts and a pack of cottage cheese in the office refrigerator.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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We become completely illegible in food, when we are nervous. So before you get to the chicken breast on the top shelf of the refrigerator, you will eat clean everything you see on the shelves below.

But you can also cope with this hunger: stop and focus on the benefits of your snack. It can be like a decrease in blood pressure, and there is loss of excess weight. Thus, your brain will “reformat” your completely natural desire to swallow something harmful and high-calorie into a desire to eat healthy and nutritious food. And try, in principle, to get away from lunches and dinners in a stressful state - find other ways to deal with excitement for yourself. For example, sports are the perfect antidote to stress (thanks to endorphins for this!).

And if the gym is far away, and the nerves are already at the limit, then get on the bar and stand until you let go.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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Your determination to eat right, drink a lot water and go in for sports every month to the smithereens broken by these three letters. ICP. The difference in hormones - and you are already a different person.

A man whose appetite is completely impossible to tame, and whose hunger is useless to fight. The harsh truth is that it is really impossible to fight PMS - you just need to survive, wait out and, no matter how sad it sounds, overeat. Listen to the signals of your body, and if you want to eat a little more than usual, then do not deny yourself this (useless). Just do not forget to include more vegetables in your diet, and replace all sweets with fruits. In any case, after a couple of days the symptoms will disappear, and everything will return to normal again.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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What if you are not hungry and you’re not even tired, but really hungry? What if you had lunch just a couple of hours ago, but ran into the kitchen every five minutes looking for a snack? And whoever seeks, one, as you know, always finds. During the next raid on the refrigerator, ask yourself the question: "What do I want to get from this food?". Have you asked? Now listen to the response of your subconscious.It is quite possible that frequent snacking is not the result of an appetite, but a desire to postpone the performance of some unpleasant but obligatory matter.

Yes, hi, procrastination! And now you are drinking the fourth cup of tea and the fifth time you go down to the vending machine with food. In this case, one must fight not with hunger, but with oneself. Moreover, the principle of combating procrastination is the same as with boredom: accept the fact that you are trying to postpone unpleasant work, and use this time as an opportunity to relax and gain strength. You will see, after 10 minutes you will have a second wind (and finally the refrigerator door will be closed), and you will deal with all urgent - and not so - deeds one-two times.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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Visual hunger is also known as " ate because he saw. " The mechanism of its occurrence is incredibly simple: you go into the kitchen, see that there is a plate of cookies on the table, and you unconsciously pull your hand towards it (once you can). As it turns out later, your “once” philosophy is quite extensible: two times, it turns out, you can also, three times permissible, four times - there is nothing more to lose. The only way to combat such hunger is to pause before eating. This pause is worth its weight in gold; it turns an automatic action into conscious and meaningful.

Now you have to make a choice: overcome the temptation or succumb to it. If you nevertheless decided to take one cookie from a plate, then allow yourself to enjoy it - slowly, with feeling and really. The problem is that usually because of guilt, a person eats very quickly and very much - as if he were a thief or a criminal. He has three minutes, and he must have time to stuff everything he’ll fit into his mouth, chew and pass a conviction for what he has done. In addition, many people think that since the diet is broken by one piece of cake, you can continue to break further.

No, it is not. Remember: because of one cookie you will not get fat, but because of all that you eat after under the slogan “to violate, so to violate” - easily.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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Nothing wrong with Sunday lunch in the circle there is no family or birthday of a beloved friend (with all the ensuing consequences in the form of salads, pizza and a birthday cake with candles) - food still has an amazing ability to connect and bring people together.

Troubles begin at the moment when overeating becomes the only scenario of any holiday. Maybe it's time to think about a new format of meetings? Instead of sitting completely in the restaurant, go with a friend to the trampoline center or to the climbing wall, play tennis or squash. In the end, nobody canceled the good old shopping either.You must agree that celebrating your sister’s birthday with a joint massage session is much more interesting and enjoyable than sitting at the table and absorbing food in unlimited quantities. It was all already, it's time to try something new.

10 types of hunger that you must learn to control

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