10 rules of healthy eating from a professional trainer

Most people drink alcohol in one quantity or another, so you need to navigate this topic. Ideally, you should reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum. But if after all alcohol takes place in your life, I advise you to use my recommendation. It is necessary to proceed both from the calorie content of the drink, and from the amount that can be drunk. Consider the wine.

A person can drink 300-700 ml per evening; 100 ml of wine contain an average of 80-90 calories, which means 700 ml - about 600 calories. All these calories are just solid carbohydrates; there is no protein or healthy fats in wine. Although wine in small doses is considered good for your health, it can easily cover your abs with a layer of fat.

Beer is a less high-calorie product than wine. It contains 40-60 calories per 100 ml.

But a person can drink a lot of beer. 500 ml (one bottle) contain 200-300 calories - and again, these are carbohydrates. Vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum are similar in calories to wine, but there is one caveat. Drinking a lot of tequila or whiskey is unlikely to work. Practice shows that the least of evils is strong drinks.

If my clients are going to drink, I recommend choosing strong high-quality alcohol in small volumes. In addition, whiskey and vodka do not cause such a fermentation process as wine, champagne and beer.



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