10 reasons to go swimming

We decided to find out why you need to engage in swimming and what arguments will definitely not allow you to turn off the path leading to the pool. It will help you figure it out and tell you how not to stay on land. Nikita Kislov is the founder of the Swimrocket school, the record holder in open water swimming, the winner of Russian and international competitions, and the author of the Rocket training methodology for swimming.

10 reasons to go swimming

Nikita Kislov

- The first and main reason to go swimming is a healthy back. It’s great if the sport accompanies you through life and you have a strong muscle corset.

But if not, you need swimming. Office five-day sooner or later will make itself felt - there will be discomfort in the cervical spine and lower back. In water, the stress goes away due to the feeling of weightlessness, and the spine stretches and relaxes. Any pain is a decrease in the quality of life, so go ahead, onto the track, strengthen your back and abs.

Swimming - a variant of cardio loading, which in combination with strength training and balanced nutrition will help put the body in order The correct technique involves all muscle groups, as a result, there will be a tone and relief.

A nice side effect from training will be a taut figure. Just look at the swimmers whose body is the most honest advertisement for swimming.

10 reasons to go swimming

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Many people think that they can swim, but in reality things are quite different. We are often visited by people who move incorrectly in the water, for example, overload the neck, swimming with their heads raised.

Training will help to master the correct position of the body and will teach you how to breathe (to achieve the most tangible result). By the way, technical swimming is also very beautiful.

Quick climb, fees, competent distribution of tasks - weekly training will teach you to plan time . Now many schools, including ours, offer classes in small groups of five to seven people. Group training is in no way inferior to individual.

The incentive plays a large role in the team: not to let the team down. Internal discipline is growing, and with it responsibility. Attendance at group workouts is much higher. I don’t want to be late or look for reasons for absenteeism. Team spirit drives excitement and the desire to test what you really stand for.

You start to easily defeat laziness and fatigue.

10 reasons to go swimming

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Swimming is that sport in which you can turn off the head. It allows you to leave all the problems behind and be carried away by the process. The body will work, following the instructions of the trainer.

In the pool, external stress will go by the wayside. Coming out of training, you suddenly discover that the mood is already upbeat. You're on the wave.

In general, if you don’t know what to do, train. Jump into the water, and let the body work, not the head.

In a metropolis, this is a great way to switch.

You also need to learn how to swim in order to forever say goodbye to panic in open water and no longer splash around on the shore in arm ruffles. You will learn how to enjoy swimming and feel calm and confident in the elements. With the help of a new skill, you can do something that you never did - for example, jump from a boat into the open sea and feel like the king of the world.

10 reasons to go swimming

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Sports tourism is another reason to do swimming. Open water swimming starts every year and takes place in the coolest places on the planet. The goal is to participate in the competition with the opportunity to travel in the vicinity of the launch. Walk around Istanbul after a swim through the Bosphorus or see the picturesque Windermere Lake during the Great Northern Swim in England. In Russia, too many swims.

For example, it's nice to fly to Kaliningrad on the Race Amber Mile and see the beauties of the Baltic. It's cool to test yourself at Oceanman in Sochi or come to one of the Seliger Swim distances. Such weekend trips always give the strongest impressions and emotions.

I know a lot of examples when a person came to strengthen his back or just learn to hold on on the water, and in the end, set new goals in life, which I had not thought of before. Whether it is to cross the Bosphorus or make a full IRONMAN.

People start small, and in the process they recognize themselves from a new, completely unknown even to themselves side. With burning eyes and great pleasure, having gathered their will into a fist, they prepare for the triathlon and become even stronger and better.

10 reasons to go swimming

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Find new friends, chat with those who is on the same wavelength with you, join a cool team, feel how your life attitudes are changing under the influence of the new community. We at Swimrocket have already taught almost two thousand people to swim - among them you can definitely meet great friends and like-minded people.

Strong, body and spirit, active, cheerful, breathing life with full breasts people always participate in the swims. For example, one and a half thousand athletes gather in Nizhny Novgorod, and there are more than a hundred such open-air races every year around the world. Choose yours and go.

Swimming is the most non-traumatic sport that does not have any age restrictions. It's never too late to start.

In addition, you can become an example for your children, instill in them a love of sports, showing that living actively is much cooler than sticking in gadgets. You can grow a future champion, a small person who has a big goal.

And remember, swimming is an invaluable skill that will allow you to save a drowning person in an emergency on the water.

10 reasons to go swimming

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