10 podcasts in Russian and English worth listening to

Podcasts are conversational programs on various topics that are convenient to listen to on the go, during cleaning, or, for example, before going to bed. We have compiled for you the most interesting podcasts in Russian and English.

This is the rubric of the morning show "Sergey Stillavin and his friends" on Mayak radio. In it, Rustam Vakhidov tells the story of brands - Russian and foreign. This is not a boring lecture or retelling of facts from Wikipedia, but a lively story spiced with jokes from leading radio shows.

Here you can find out that the Dyson dryer started with a dust collector for painting work and that Uber grew out of two unsuccessful projects.

Nikita Maklakov's podcast about personal effectiveness. The issues are built on the principle of dialogs with interesting people on various topics - business, health, meditation, finance, freelance. The project has a very convenient site where all podcasts are divided into categories, and for each issue small descriptions and lists of links on the topic are collected.

Inspirational interviews with professional athletes and amateurs - those who are used to marrying the boundaries of the possible.

The presenters are ultramarathon Vladimir Degtyarev and triathlete Dmitry Kovalenko. It's especially cool to listen to pre-workout releases.

10 podcasts in Russian and English worth listening to

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Luke is a London-based English teacher and part-time stand-up comedian. His teaching methodology is learning through humor.

And is it worth mentioning his British pronunciation? Luke reads funny monologues on sensitive topics, jokes with guests in the studio and discusses current events. A great option if comedy series are already tired.

Ted Conferences is an international project in which more and more new ones appear daily lectures on various topics - from ecology and sociology to astrophysics and higher mathematics. If you can’t find the time to watch at least some of them in video format, the Ted podcast will come to your aid. In addition, you can listen to interviews with lecturers.

Supercourse of the online university "Arzamas", where you can not only listen lectures on national culture (from ancient times to the present), but also pass exams. The course is divided into seven modules - from Ancient Russia to the collapse of the USSR. Lectures were developed by teachers of the best universities in the country. All lectures can be viewed in video format, read their transcripts or download audio. If the topic is of interest, you can view additional materials on it.

10 podcasts in Russian and English worth listening to

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Popular science program for gamers and developers about the world of games. Current trends, industry news, interviews with developers of the largest game manufacturers, answers to questions and much more - here you can both get inspired on your own business and become a gamer insider.

How to become great in your work? Lewis House guests answer this question and reveal their secrets to the audience. The facilitator invites people from various fields to talk about incentives, leadership and development.

Many of these lectures invigorate you like coffee.

Podcast Elizabeth Gilbert (author of "Eat, Pray, Love") - these are issues for creative people on how to find themselves. Each issue is one inspirational lesson from a writer. “Dance with your heart”, “Know the taste of failure”, “What you are looking for is also looking for you.” Recommended during periods of creative stagnation and procrastination.

As it is written, it is heard: in this podcast from the Mayak radio "Galina Yakusheva, Doctor of Philology, discusses the Russian language, its history and how the modern world influences it. From it you can learn about the role of borrowing in the language, understand why foreigners learn Russian, and also listen about the paradoxes of their native language.

10 podcasts in Russian and English worth listening to

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You can do this on computer, or you can from a mobile phone. Owning iPhones is easiest - they have a pre-installed Podcasts app.

Those with an Android can download any of a variety of applications, for example,



Pocket Casts

. There are podcasts on SoundCloud, and you can often listen to them directly on sites (if there is, of course, such an option).



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