10 main rules of running in the arena

The running community will hold its first winter start in the arena on February 16 - athletics competitions


. Editor of The Challenger, K.M. in athletics Lena Kalashnikova talks about the main rules of running indoors. Try to remember them - and your training will be safer.

In winter, few people have the patience to regularly run outside. In addition, to conduct high-speed training in the cold, when the roads are covered with ice crust, it is dangerous. Therefore, in manera there are more and more visitors. The question arises: how can everyone who wants to fit on a two-hundred-meter circle and not interfere with each other's training?

Yes, all winter you have to run one way. This run has its drawbacks: due to the slope of the turns, the load is distributed unevenly over the distance.

If you have the opportunity to run outside, do not miss it. And go to the arena for speed training.

If you still need to run clockwise, move as close to the wall as possible so as not to disturb anyone.

And the second one too. Why is that? The length of the first track is 200 meters, each subsequent track is three meters longer.

Anyone who performs interval training and measures the distance is important every second and needs the shortest distance. Professional athletes run at a very high speed, collision with them can lead to serious injuries. Therefore, jogging (warm-up or warm-up light run or just slow even run) is unacceptable on the first path.

10 main rules of running in the arena

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D Zero or outer track is usually used for warm-up.

For example, in the “Moskvich” arena, the inner track is zero, and only the next one after it is the first. Pay attention to it. In other arenas, warming up on the outer track.

In the arena you become a participant in the movement - and probably someone will need to give you a cry: "Follow the path!" When training with headphones, you won’t hear it, which can lead to a collision with another athlete.

This is inconvenient for others and is not safe for you.

Usually together, on adjacent tracks, no more than two people can run.

10 main rules of running in the arena

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Movement in the arena is busy : by past those who perform high-speed training on the first track, there are children from different sports sections and sprinters. The latter are often used to speed up external tracks. They start looking at the floor and, most likely, you will not be noticed.

This rule is for those who go out on the first track for speed training. Before you start acceleration, make sure that no one is approaching your starting point at high speed. And if approaching - skip it and only after that start.

and remember that if someone will overtake you, he will also run to your right. If you are overtaken, move closer to the inner edge of the track to make it easier and more convenient for the athlete to finish the maneuver.

To readjust, take a look, make sure that do not bother anyone, and only after that start to shift from one track to another.

10 main rules of running in the arena

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Remember: if anyone he shouts: “Track!” - he does not try to be rude to you, but only wants to warn you and try to avoid a collision.



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