10 main reasons to do wrestling

What are the benefits of practicing sports such as freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling? The Challenger talks about the main reasons to put on wrestling shoes and go on the carpet.

Wrestling is a good way to keep fit and gain a prominent figure. To defeat the enemy, you have to use all muscle groups. During an hour's training in wrestling, you can burn about 900 kcal. At the beginning of training, trainers pay attention to the physical formation of the wrestler, and only then - the fighting technique.

And wrestling will help you become more resilient.

Athletes who practice martial arts have a well-developed sense of the enemy. In a dangerous situation, it will be easier for you to predict how the aggressor will behave. In addition, during training, athletes practice the skills of liberation from grip. And to escape from the aggressor to a person with good physical fitness will be much easier than those who are far from sports.

To succeed in wrestling, you need to develop discipline. If you want to achieve outstanding results, you won’t be able to come to trainings from time to time, regularly be late or give all the best only on days when there is a mood for this. Hard routine work and discipline are what you need to be prepared for when stepping on the carpet. Moreover, discipline is important not only in training: outside the hall you will also have to adjust your lifestyle - for example, go to bed on time to achieve maximum results during sparring the next day.

10 main reasons to do wrestling

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A balanced and varied diet - one of the conditions for maintaining the athlete's working capacity. Wrestlers are recommended to include in the diet high-calorie and easily digestible foods, pay attention to the drinking regime. Proper nutrition is also important for the recovery of the body after training loads.

The martial arts hall is a place where you can meet people who share your hobbies and values. Despite the fact that during training you will try to break your opponent, after the match you can become best friends, and also discuss the nutrition system, training approaches or upcoming tournaments.

The outcome of the match largely depends on your attentiveness. Everything is important: the accuracy of the elements, the transition from one movement to another, the correct technique and the coordination of movements with the rhythm of breathing. Without the proper level of concentration, it is difficult to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. Training will teach you to be more attentive to details, it will be useful in everyday life.

Many are sure that wrestling is associated with an increased risk of injury.

But this is not so. First, athletes are taught the correct and safe technique for falls. Without this skill, no trainer will allow you to go sparring. Falls are worked out to automaticity, therefore, even if you slip in the winter, most likely, you will be able to grapple in time and do not get a serious injury. Secondly, training takes place on soft surfaces - carpets or mats, which also makes classes safer.

10 main reasons to do wrestling

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Of course, starting to engage in wrestling in as an adult, you are unlikely to get into the Olympic team. But you can take part in tournaments in your age group. In Russia, competitions are held for adults up to ..

. 70 years old.

Exercising not only enhances physical health, but also


cope with stress and improve mood (during physical activity

endorphins are produced

). To maintain emotional health

it is important to express negative emotions

rather than accumulate in yourself. Wrestling is a sport that allows splashing out aggression within the framework of established rules.

You are responsible for your own training, discipline, weight maintenance (This is especially important for those who participate in competitions). As in any individual sport, the result of the match is largely up to you. In addition, you are responsible for your opponent: in wrestling, it is important to act within the framework of the established rules so as not to cause or injure yourself.



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