10 inspirational quotes from people who gave us space

On April 12, 1961, a story began that changed the world. 58 years ago, Yuri Gagarin saw from our porthole of a space rocket our pale blue dot. Cosmonautics Day is the celebration of the first meeting with the stars. Today we want to share quotes from the great astronauts who became heroes and accomplished the impossible. Let's go!

Yuri Gagarin

the first man in the world who flew into space

- The main power in man is the power of spirit.

Once in my childhood I read the words of V.P. Chkalov: "If to be, then to be the first." So I try to be and will be until the end. It works well when you love your profession, do it with enthusiasm.

Valentina Tereshkova

the first woman-cosmonaut in the world

- We must not look at life from the side, but go along with it.

Alexei Leonov

the first man to go into outer space

- Hope is always necessary for the best. No faith? Make it up. No heroes? Create.

George Grechko

set a world record for the duration of space flights

- There is no better job than in space, but no better life than on Earth.

10 inspirational quotes from people who gave us space

Sergey Krikalyov

Until 2015, the record holder for the total time spent in space

- I met the New Year in space three times. On the "World" even with a Christmas tree. We inherited it from a previous expedition. We got it, collected it. Tiny toys were fastened with threads around the branches, and they stuck out in all directions.

And there was no Christmas tree on the ISS. But we were sent several movie discs. And one of them was "Enjoy your steam!" I remember having dinner, talking, looking at the Earth. It was such an easy day, and then they turned on the film. What is called, have kept tradition.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

founder of the theory of astronautics

- The Earth is the cradle of reason, but you cannot live forever in the cradle. Heroes and daredevils will lay the first air trails of the routes: Earth - the orbit of the Moon, Earth - the orbit of Mars and even further, Moscow - the Moon, Kaluga - Mars.

Gennady Padalka

spent 878 days in space

- What were the joys on board? Of the nearly 6 billion people on Earth, only two of the happiest circling the planet. Can anything be happier? Last time I flew into space at 53 years old. We are very purposeful people.

I want to fly. Therefore, you follow yourself and exclude bad habits.

10 inspirational quotes from people who gave us space

Svetlana Savitskaya

the first woman-astronaut in the world to go into open space

- We were taught at school what our homeland is, that our homeland won the war, the homeland went into space, the homeland has such aviation and such an army. Taught on heroic examples. We all understood that it all depends on you.

You will have abilities, perseverance, health and determination, then you will achieve everything you want. The country opened up opportunities.

Sergey Korolev

founder of practical cosmonautics, general designer of rocket and space technology of the USSR

- A person who believes in a fairy tale once gets into it because he has a heart.

Anatoly Soloviev

record holder for the number of spacewalks (16 times) and the total duration of work in outer space (82 hours 21 minutes)

- Going into outer space is a gift . At 16, I went to work as a locksmith.

I still love to do this. It was very useful for me in orbit. Space smells like a forge, burnt metal and a little ozone. Space smells like a good job.



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