10 good movies you could miss in 2018

At the request of The Challenger, journalist Miloslav Chemodanov lists films that were released in Russia in 2018 (and those that never reached Russia). They are certainly no worse than the more famous films that have collected a multi-million dollar box office.

Director: Bo Burnham.

Cast: Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton.

In Sofia Coppola's debut film “Virgin Suicides”, one of the young heroines lying in the hospital room, answers the question that made her try to commit suicide: "Doctor, you apparently have never been a 13-year-old girl.

" It is worth recognizing that this territory, the life of 13-year-old girls, has not been better studied since then. She remained mysterious, frightening and categorically incomprehensible until in 2018, Bo Burnham decided to go there. And it seems he has moved further than anyone before.

In his directorial debut, the 27-year-old comedian and actor Bo Burnham makes the 13-year-old Keila the heroine. Classmates consider her a gray mouse, and she is desperately trying to change.

She has a video blog, because on the Web it is much easier to be a bold and better version of herself, but every step in real life is just as difficult for her as a Little Mermaid who has just come ashore. Vulnerability - this is probably the main thing in the "Eighth grade." She is here in every scene, in every incident that Keila encounters, in her attempts to make friends, to please the boy, to go out to people in a swimsuit. Vulnerability makes Eighth Grade an almost heroic story - how the hell is it sometimes unbearably difficult to just live another ordinary day in the shoes of a 13-year-old. With all the awkwardness and naivety of Keila, it seems that we all have something to learn from her.

And recognizing yourself in it, it is impossible not to smile.

Director: Sean Baker

Cast: Brooklyn Prince, Beria Vinaite, Willem Dafoe.

A six-year-old company enjoys sunny life in the half-dead suburb of Disney World. They get free ice cream, admire a retired neighbor sunbathing without a bra, and get in to examine abandoned houses. Their single mothers - the recent children themselves - at this time use their imagination to make ends meet.

The manager of the third-rate hotel where they live (delightful Willem Dafoe) looks after this tragic horde.

This is the “quietest” candidate for the main Oscar-2018 (the film collected only four million rubles in Russia. It seems that even earned a “Call me by your name”, which went exclusively special festival shows). There are no big stars in it (sorry, Willem Dafoe), and the plot does not pull on a blockbuster. What is in it is incredibly cute and not sugar at all young heroes who fall in love with themselves in a matter of minutes and for whom you worry no less than the hero of Willem Defoe.

This film is as unlike the ones that are calculated specifically for awards, critics or mass love of viewers. It does not show any formula at all, but the word "soul" is very obvious.

Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Cast: Alex Sharp, El Fanning, Nicole Kidman.

The main name behind this picture is Neil Gaiman, author of Stardust, American Gods and Coralines in a land of nightmares. " “How to Talk with Girls” is a film adaptation of his eponymous story about how in the 1970s three teenagers from London accidentally wandered into a secret alien nest, mistakenly mistaking him for a very advanced party.

And how did it become for them the most romantic and unusual sexual event in life.

Cinema received a lot of low ratings, which could affect someone’s decision whether to watch the film or not. It was also affected by sexual non-banality and the fact that some viewers for some reason decided that the film was an attempt to show the history of the formation of the British punk movement, an outrageously unsuccessful attempt. It is worth recognizing that the punk movement and Camden (district of London. - Approx.

Ed. ) of the 1970s become the background here for one reason: they were the background of the young years of Neil Gaiman himself. But are the documentary details of your first love so important? It was more important for the filmmakers to convey the excitement and insanity of the first contact with a creature from another planet, which a girl becomes for a boy at some period. They dealt with this - and in a very inventive manner.

Director: Debra Granik

Cast: Tomazin Mackenzie, Ben Foster.

Thirteen-year-old Tom, as he recalls, lives together with his father in a tent in the forest, away from civilization. Father went to war in Iraq and no longer finds his place among the "ordinary" people. He teaches Tom school subjects, life without walls and everything good that he knows. At this time, the state is trying to figure out how to "save" this family and return to normal life.

The year was rich in smart films about growing up, and this one is one of the most powerful.

In addition to an interesting and at the same time quite realistic plot, I really want to note the young actress Tomazin Mackenzie. Director Debra Granik again showed the class in defining an unknown girl for a difficult lead role. Debra's previous feature film, Winter Bone, opened Jennifer Lawrence eight years ago. By the way, in the film "Do not leave any traces" not in the last roles you can see actors from "Winter Bone", such as Isaiah Stone and Dale Dicky.

Director: Stephen Soderbergh.

Cast: Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Juno Temple.

Russian horror fans in 2018 voted in rubles for new episodes of such long-known projects as “Halloween” and “The Curse of a Nun”, and at the same time and for "Quiet Place", which is just getting ready to become a franchise. At the same time flashed in cinemas and terrible tapes. For example, "Not In Yourself", shot by Stephen Soderbergh on an iPhone-7. In the story, the heroine Claire Foy, exhausted by the persecution of an obsessed admirer, turns to a psychiatrist for help, and eventually finds herself locked in a strange clinic for the mentally ill.

Soon she finds out in one of the employees of that same stalker. Soderberg makes the viewer sit up to the finale in suspense and, in addition, doubt what and who can be trusted here.

Director: Greg Berlanti.

Cast: Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp.

The first case of a mainstream Hollywood romantic tape with a gay high school student as the main character.

The experiment was successful, including commercially - Simon earned $ 66 million. True, he never visited the Russian box office. And it’s a pity: this is a simple, funny, a bit old-school story about first love, without going to an arthouse or drama. Of those lovely teenage rumcoms that were extremely popular 15-20 years ago and which are now very few. And the orientation of the hero here does not play a central role.

According to the plot, the teenager - the same Simon - does not dare to tell even his closest friends that he is gay. Somehow he stumbles upon the anonymous post of another student, where he admits his homosexuality. Correspondence is also struck between them, also anonymous. At some point, Simon realizes that he has managed head over heels to fall in love with someone whom he does not even know personally. Or does he know? Simon starts an investigation to find out which of the students has a pen pal, while fighting off blackmail from a vile classmate who accidentally discovered his secret and now threatens to make it the property of the whole school.

Director: Paul Given.

Cast: Ed Oxenbould, Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal.

The directorial debut of actor Paul Dano is based on the novel of the great American writer Richard Ford and leaves the aftertaste of a good book. In the center of the plot is a quiet, trouble-free teenager named Joe. First, he witnesses how his father (Jake Gyllenhaal) loses his job and suddenly leaves their mother to extinguish a forest fire that has consumed half a staff.

Everyone is waiting for the winter to come and the fire will die down under the snow, but the weeks will pass and the snow will not be visible, the fire will not be extinguished, and mother Joe (Carrie Mulligan) in vain attempts to provide for her family will be looking for new work or a new man.

On “KinoPoisk” this film is called a “piercing love story”, but in fact it is an endless, subtle story about how to cope with unexpected changes. What to do when you do not live up to your own expectations? What to do when the husband left you and your son in order to prove to someone unknown that he is not a loser, but a “real man”? What to do when your parents seem to be crazy?

Director: Albert Dupontel.

Cast: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Albert Dupontel, Laurent Lafitte.

The heir to the unpleasant millionaire - a handsome and gifted artist - goes to war in defiance of his father, and there he becomes a victim of a **** commander and turns out to be monstrously disfigured.

Thrown to the rear, he does not return to his father and past life, but instead takes on a stranger’s identity, masters grotesque masks and, hiding in them, writes inspirational paintings in despair and self-loathing. All with whom he talks is a little apprentice girl and a middle-aged mustached accountant with a broken heart, a former fellow soldier whom he saved at the front. Now he takes care of his eccentric comrade, including deciding for his sake crimes. Those who do not follow the world film awards in addition to the Oscars (that is, most viewers) could easily miss the triumph of the French Cesar award, and this is one of the most fascinating tragedies of recent times.

Director: Cedric Kan.

Cast: Anthony Bajon, Louise Greenber, Damien Chapelle.

The film brought the Berlin Festival Award for Best Actor for an unknown 23-year-old actor Anthony Bajon. Prayer provides an opportunity to experience (at least partially) nontrivial experience - a course of treatment for heroin addiction in a Catholic monastery in the Alpine mountains. The main character - young Tom - doesn’t really want to go there, but he does not find other options. And there everything is not as he expected.

The film itself, which was shot without the usual “instructive” Chernukha for the genre, turns out to be unexpected. There is much more to it than just breaking, disrupting and endlessly digging and digging in the useless holes that Tom is busy with.

“Prayer” is a clever and delicate story of another growing up, albeit with “aggravating circumstances”. There are a lot of strange things in Tom’s life. He does not really understand why to be in the community and where to go from it, it is not clear how to communicate with other "brothers", how to communicate with a beautiful girl from a neighboring town, how to communicate with God, and most importantly - how to communicate with oneself.

Directors: Marco La Via, Hannah Ladole.

Cast: Morgan Sailor, McCaul Lombardi.

One of those wonderful films in which nothing happens, but even minor events hurt the living. Amanda and Jake are still very young, yesterday's schoolchildren, they are in love with each other and dream of Los Angeles. Amanda lives there with her aunt, and already has an invitation to an interview in a good company.

Well, Jake, too, everything must somehow somehow grow together - he's wonderful. On the first day, everything is not going as planned. Is that familiar? Almost every yesterday’s schoolchild, who sets off to begin his adult life in a big city, inspired and scared to death at the same time.

Young writers are usually advised to write about what you know. Young directors Marco La Via and Hannah Ladole seem to follow this rule too.

There is no dizzying twist in their story, but you believe her. This is a simple and not at all fabulous tape, in which, nevertheless, there is a lot of love - not magical and not knocking down, but it is also more valuable because it looks exactly like real.



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