10 foods that prevent you from losing weight

In order not to have problems with weight, you need to eat balanced and move more. But if it seems to you that you are doing everything right, and the numbers on the scales are still increasing, you may be eating too many products from this list.

If there is a product in the world that should be abandoned forever, then here it is! There are a lot of saturated fats, trans fats in chips, and harmful food additives and acrylamide, which is formed during high-temperature processing of products containing starch (potato), can also be contained. But most importantly: chips are a high-calorie product (from 500 to 900 kcal in 100 grams). According to


, it is potato chips that contribute to weight gain more than any other product.

They low

energy value,

and, unfortunately, they do not give you a feeling of satiety - that’s why it’s so easy to eat more bread than you should . Make the snack more nutritious, for example, put avocado slices on a cracker. And in our selection you will find five more options of tasty and healthy snacks.

10 foods that prevent you from losing weight

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Nice Do not think about orange juice or cream and sugar in your third cup of coffee per day, but they contribute to the total calorie intake.

For example, students consume an average of

480 kcal

per day (and this is a lot!) Only due to sweet drinks. Sugar is found even in those that you are accustomed to consider useful, such as smoothies. If you buy a drink in a package, read the composition, if you order in a cafe - ask the barista to add a little less sweet syrup to your latte or completely abandon high-calorie sweeteners.

Did you know that package size affects how much you eat? According to the results of


, people eat more if they need to pour themselves cereals from large packages. The size of the plate, by the way, has a similar effect.

Buy smaller boxes and use small plates - so you protect yourself from overeating.

10 foods that prevent you from losing weight

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Alcohol in general and sweet cocktails are especially high in calories. And even their use can lead

to overeating

. By eating a high-calorie drink, you also get more calories from food.

Another argument in favor of refusal from alcohol !

Bars are designed so that you can quickly replenish energy reserves, for example, before training. As a rule, bars contain a lot of calories, so if you are losing weight, you do not need to consume several at once. In addition, not all bars are useful. Not of which contain too much sugar, choose those that contain dried fruits and no extra sugar.

10 foods that prevent you from losing weight

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Salad is perhaps the main dish for those who want to lose weight. But once you fill it with sauce, it turns into a high-calorie dish. The worst sauces for your body: ranch, Thousand Islands, honey mustard and, of course, mayonnaise. Fortunately, you can always prepare a tasty and healthy dressing at home - for example, according to our recipes . If in doubt, just add olive oil and lemon juice to the salad.

Fast Food

contains a large amount of sodium, sugar, trans fats and calories, which is why it drinking leads to health problems and

to obesity


10 foods that prevent you from losing weight

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About scientists have no consensus on white rice. In some


its use is associated with weight gain and obesity, in


do not find this association. But it is well known that white rice is not as nutritious as, for example, brown.

White rice is low in protein and fiber, which is why there is a high risk of eating more than you need without feeling full. Replace the white rice

with brown

or with cauliflower.

Although at they have no (or almost none) calories, scientists attribute the use of


and sweeteners contained in such drinks, with

weight gain, obesity

, and even with an increase in


. In addition, according to the results of


, those who choose diet drinks often compensate for the lack of calories unhealthy food. Replace diet drinks with plain water or low sugar juice.

Power is playing key role in losing weight. Nevertheless, no diet will bring the desired result if these principles are not followed:

  • to determine how much you should lose and for how long, you need with your doctor , nutritionist and trainer . A team of specialists will be able to find you a nutrition and training plan that will lead to your goal;
  • you need to move more during the day and spend more calories than you consume ;
  • you don’t need to try to speed up the process of losing weight, it requires time and constancy - it can take months or even years to reach the goal. Keep this in mind and do not forget to record your progress from time to time.


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