10 food bloggers worth subscribing to

Yes, these guys do not yet have millions of subscribers, but this does not stop them from sharing cool and simple recipes. Choose, subscribe and cook.

Christina (by the way, the author of hundreds of materials on our website, as well as our former chief editor) shares not only useful recipes, but also tells you how to correctly calculate calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The blogger pays a lot of attention to environmental issues, and also travels frequently. In general, subscribe and develop!

Masha puts out useful recipes and leads direct airs directly from the kitchen.

She will tell you how easy it is to make an ingenious steak even from frozen salmon. The best part is that minimalism is important for a girl - for an insanely tasty dinner you don’t have to fill the refrigerator with food.

Blogger Julia from Minsk - as you can easily understand from the account name - shares recipes for the laziest. There are many dietary and easy-to-cook milk shakes, salads and soups.

If you want to learn how to cook and eat a hearty Greek salad with pasta and not a single gram, go to Isa's blog.

In addition to the fact that she has a culinary talent, she still takes great pictures, shoots beautiful videos and makes funny jokes.

A blogger from Chicago shares the secrets of American, Italian and Japanese cuisine. If milk is coconut, if pasta is hard, if bread is cereal. Minimum salt and sugar, maximum benefit.

Chef Vitaly Istomin publishes many simple recipes not only in his column in Men's health, but also on Instagram.

Delicate cheesecake with melon or salad with trout, tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and quinoa are just some of the chef’s masterpieces. And he also knows where to find real Soviet sausages made in accordance with GOST.

In Charlotte’s blog from London you will not find any selfies and travel photos there is only food. We do not recommend going to her on an empty stomach. The girl is clearly not indifferent to baking, so for recipes for cakes, pancakes, muffins and cookies - just for her.

A blogger travels the world and shares the best, in his opinion (and acceptable) for the price), in places. If you’re tired of cooking, you can always find establishments with kitchens for every taste on Boris’s blog.

Since this blogger is of Italian-English origin, each recipe here is a mix For example, pasta with pumpkin cheese sauce or toast with figs, maple syrup and ricotta. Eliza loves herbal products, as well as unusual but simple recipes.

Blog of a girl who eats a lot and does not get fat.

Almost every day, Kristina shares recipes for simple cooking, while often using seasonal products. For example, in September there were many recipes with pumpkin.



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