10 coolest carnival costume costumes on ROSA RUN

Have you ever run in the costume of a dragon, mountain, Elvis or witch? If not, then it's time to do it.

From May 3 to 6 at the all-weather resort "Rosa Khutor" in Sochi The ROSA RUN Running Festival will take place. Within the framework of the festival, on May 5, there will be a costume run of ROSA CARNIVAL, where all participants run a distance of 3.5 kilometers in funny, unusual and just cool costumes. We decided to throw some ideas for cool outfits that will inspire you to come up with something incredible and be the brightest.

And in these costumes the participants of last year’s race fled ROSA CARNIVAL (let them inspire you too):

This year, the ROSA RUN organizers came up with a new theme for the carnival race - "Special Agents". There will be 15 nominations:

  • best disguise;
  • Bond girl (the most fatal female costume);
  • Dr. Evil (antihero);
  • alien guest;
  • the spy who seduced me;
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith;
  • spy children or spy children
  • best 007;
  • Tom Cruise is resting;
  • Will Smith is quietly jealous;
  • spy group;
  • Stirlitz, aka Isaev;
  • Anna Chapman also runs;
  • 17 moments of spring - the main group nomination;
  • Special agent ROSA RUN - the main nomination.

But do not limit yourself to only the topic and nominations - use all your imagination!



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