10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

Wireless headphones for long runs, unusual heart rate monitors, watches for the most unexpected adventures, an instrument for monitoring air quality, smart scales - all this you will find in our new selection of gadgets.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

Main feature AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones - No need to plug them into your ears. The manufacturers used the bone conduction technology: a person listens to music passing through the cheekbones to the ears, but the ears remain completely open. This does not affect the sound of the music - everything is perfectly audible, but at the same time you continue to hear what is happening around. This is especially important for safety when cycling and jogging.

The headphones are partially made of titanium, for ease, their weight is only 39 grams. An ideal device for sports and long walks.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

A heart rate sensor is needed by everyone who is competent in physical activity. The number of contractions of the heart muscle is important to take into account while jogging, and in the gym. Training in different heart rate zones develops different capabilities of the body: from endurance to speed.

The main problem with heart rate sensors is that they are put on the chest and during long workouts begin to interfere and rub.

Polar came up with how to help athletes. The company has released a sensor that is worn on the forearm. The Polar OH1 optical sensor transmits real-time heart rate to many popular fitness apps on iOS and Android, and to its own Polar Beat app. The sensor is waterproof up to 30 meters, has a built-in pedometer and saves up to 200 hours of training data.

The Polar OH1 is the smallest single heart rate sensor available on the market, so it is ideal for those who value comfort in sports devices.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

The latest generation Picooc scales

are needed by everyone who carefully monitors their health and weight. The flagship model - Picooc S3 - is a smart scale with Wi-Fi and its own application. The "younger" model - Picooc Mini, a more compact version of the scales - is not inferior in technical characteristics. Both models will determine body weight in three seconds, carry out the necessary calculations and send data to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

You can view the dynamics of changes in your weight anywhere and anytime.

How do the scales know everything about you? Both the full-size and mini-versions of Picooc have built-in bio-impedance sensors. When weighing, a small safe discharge of current is passed through the body, due to which weight, body mass index, percentage of fat, muscle volume and other biometric indicators are determined. Please note: people with pacemakers are not allowed to use weights.

These two models of scales differ from each other only in size and price.

The Picooc Mini is much smaller and thinner - with a width of 26 centimeters its thickness is only two centimeters. The square case of the gadget is made of high quality plastic and can withstand weight up to 150 kilograms. The small version costs 2,790 rubles less than the standard model. The whole family can use both scales: the scales store data from an unlimited number of users.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

Bracelet Healbe GoBe2 - a unique fitness gadget from a team of Russian developers.

This is a one of a kind bracelet that automatically monitors all the basic processes in the body: calorie intake and consumption, water balance, sleep quality and heart rate.

How the automatic calculation of eaten calories works: the bioimpedance sensor sends signals of different frequencies through the skin and recognizes glucose cells. Carbohydrates accelerate absorption, while proteins and fats slow down. So the bracelet will find out exactly which nutrients have entered the body, and accurately counts the number of calories. Conventional applications have an average calorie base of products, and Healbe GoBe2 shows exactly the number of calories that your body has absorbed.

Another bracelet determines the level of stress and energy balance in the body, based on unique body data. The bracelet weighs only 43 grams, is protected from water and holds charging for about a day, like any smartphone. We have already tested Healbe GoBe2 and shared our impressions here .

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

The QardioArm tonometer

is a modern device for measuring blood pressure. For all people, at least once in their lives, they measured pressure with old-fashioned instruments with a pear and a dial - such a device can hardly become an everyday assistant.

The modern QardioArm blood pressure monitor is a compact and easy-to-use device consisting of a main unit and a cuff. The cuff is put on the bend of the elbow, and after a few seconds you get the data that is transmitted to the application and the "cloud" wirelessly. Optionally, the data is synchronized with Google Fit and A154170le Health.

QardioArm measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, which are saved as infographics. So a person can easily control his pressure or the pressure of a relative.

The only limitation is the presence of a smartphone: all data is displayed there, there is no screen on the tonometer.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

Monster headphone technology makes it one of the best in its class. Ergonomic and lightweight Wireless iS210ort Intensity In-Ear Wireless is suitable for sports and for ordinary walks. They are almost not felt in the ears, give a wonderful sound, work without recharging for more than six hours, have increased strength and protection against sweat and moisture. The kit includes nozzles of different sizes and clothespin for additional fixation on clothes when running.

Good soundproofing will allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks or movie in the gym, where there are many extraneous sounds.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

Watches Suunto recognized by athletes around the world. The Suunto S245artan series is designed specifically for fans of multisport and adventure. The Suunto Trainer Wrist HR GPS watch is a lightweight smart watch for running, swimming, cycling and exercising in the gym. The watch is equipped with a heart rate monitor, keep a 24-hour count of calories spent and steps taken, and also monitor the heart rate under any loads and monitor the duration of sleep.

Physical activity data is uploaded to the Suunto Movescount service, available on PC and smartphones. Runners will be able to track their speed on every kilometer there, evaluate the altitude profile and cadence.

Suunto Trainer Wrist are ready for extreme conditions: they are waterproof up to 50 meters and can withstand temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees. The special mineral glass of the dial does not scratch, does not break and protects the watch from damage. Street enthusiasts can download maps of the area (satellite, physical and topographic about t Ma271box, Google Ma277s and Android) and plan a route with an altitude profile from Suunto Movescount.

Navigating the set route will take you to the right path, even if you get lost. This is a full-fledged navigator that will help you navigate on a hike or during trekking in the mountains.

The gadget works up to ten hours in active training mode and up to 14 days in time display mode. Stylish design allows you to wear a watch not only in training, but also in everyday life, with suits and dresses.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

The Garmin brand is known for its running and multisport watches.

Vivosport tracker was created for those who seek to lead a healthy lifestyle and move more. The compact bracelet contains GPS for accurate tracking of movements in the fresh air and a heart rate monitor. Data on runs, walks and bike rides along with the track on the map are displayed in the Garmin Connect application, to which any Garmin gadget connects.

An important function of Garmin Vivosport is the calculation of VO₂max . With round-the-clock use, the bracelet constantly monitors the level of stress in the body.

A thin and light gadget is almost invisible on the hand and does not interfere with daily affairs.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

First of all, Polar M430 watches are designed for running. They have built-in GPS with three accuracy modes, continuously monitor the heart rate from two seconds to five minutes depending on the load, measure speed, distance and cadence (steps per minute) when jogging on the street and calculate the maximum oxygen consumption VO₂max ( an indicator of the physical preparation of the body is the maximum amount of oxygen per kilogram of weight that a person can absorb in a minute with maximum physical activity) With the help of watches, you can develop individual running training programs and track interval loads. The clock counts the steps you have taken and the number of calories burned around the clock. Polar M430 runs for 30 hours without recharging in active mode and up to 14 days in basic mode.

The watch can be connected with the Polar Flow app, where it is convenient to track your running progress.

10 cool gadgets to help you live a healthy life

ATMOtube helps you learn about the air condition in your home. The gadget captures dangerous volatile compounds, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide - although a person rarely encounters these substances, only a few minutes are enough to poison. The ATMOtube monitor is very compact. With it, you can easily check the air quality in the apartment at the purchase stage or in a new child’s kindergarten.

If near your home there are harmful industries or other sources of pollution, you will immediately know about it.

The device is a small metal tube with an air intake grill and an LED that shows pollution levels: blue - clean, green - medium, yellow - dirty, orange - very contaminated, red - extremely contaminated. More accurate information is transmitted to the Atmotube application: it displays the level of VOC (volatile organic substances), humidity, temperature and air quality ratio. A useful gadget for those who seriously monitor their health and their loved ones.



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