10 cool board games you probably haven’t played yet

At each party, as a rule, there comes a moment when the music is already tired, and before dancing it has not yet reached. And then it's time to get a couple of good old board games. But what to play if the “Mafia” and “Crocodile” are already sick? We've put together ten cool board games that aren’t tired yet.

The game is designed for a group of two to five people.

Carcassonne is a strategy game built on the capture of new territories, the construction of cities and the laying of roads in medieval Europe.

More precisely - the European scenario is played out in the classic version of the board game. But during the existence of “Carcassonne” have released a dozen extensions. So you can capture the land for every taste, up to the jungle of South America.

Carcassonne, as board game fans say, is absolutely family fun. The rules are so elementary that any player will master them: from seven to at least 97 years old.

However, despite the halo of "family", the party in "Carcassonne" can turn into a fierce battle. Still, it is not for nothing that championships are held for this game. After all, its whole essence boils down to controlling diminishing resources.

The game is designed for a group of four to seven people, she thought fast, so that one circle can be completed in 20 minutes.

How about playing cowboys? "Bang!" - A popular card game in the spirit of the Wild West.

As usual, Western is built on the bloody showdown of bandits and legalists. In each party, the participant has a specific role. There are seven characters in total: the sheriff, two of his assistants, three criminals and a renegade. In the story, a deadly shootout ensues, and everyone must hit their target. It is easy to guess that the police must eliminate the bandits, the criminals must get rid of the sheriff, and the renegade is only waiting for the opportunity to stay with the head of lawyers one on one.

They can travel by train at the same time from two to five people.

The classic version of Ticket to Ride is a railroad adventure in the USA. The winner is the one who managed to connect the maximum number of cities on the map with routes. The longer the road, the more victory points are credited to the player. The rules are very simple - a couple of minutes will be enough to master them.

10 cool board games you probably haven’t played yet

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Play in "Just brilliant" can be a company of two or four people. But keep in mind, the puzzle is also suitable for single players. In this case, it turns into a long solitaire.

Fans of board games say that “Simply ingenious” is one of the best logic games.

It looks like a mix of dominoes, tic-tac-toe and rummikub. Its essence lies in the fact that players put hexagons on the field with different symbols, which are joined by color. Correct combinations are awarded victory points.

It is best to arrange natural selection in a company of four to eight people.

A serious game based on Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Its essence is that each player starts a living creature, develops it and tries to feed it. Moreover, the success of the enterprise depends on the chosen strategy. Someone gets a flock of predators, while someone prefers to breed waterfowl parasites.

A company can compete in savvy of 20 people.

The name of the game makes it easy to guess what needs to be done.

"Soobarii" is a great board game for family gatherings. How many colors do you know by the letter "m"? Who will name the longest name in the letter "O"? Or what item with the letter "l" fits in a coffee cup? The winner is not the smartest participant, but the one who has a faster reaction.

But keep in mind, the party in Soobriarii has every chance of becoming a universal cry when no one hears each other.

10 cool board games you probably haven’t played yet

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" Keskife "is designed for a group of four to eight people, but if you wish, you can join in teams of two, and then the number of players will increase to 16.

This game is a godsend for a large company. The action is developing rapidly, while you do not need to think at all. Seriously! The funny name translates to the phrase "what is he doing?".

The essence of the game is that players need not only to show different situations with the help of pantomime, but also to follow their friends to figure out who imitates the rest. The actions described in the cards are very funny.

So you will have the opportunity to observe how your friends depict a fluttering butterfly or flying on an airplane carpet.

The game consists of three rounds , each of which lasts no more than half an hour. At the same time, from two to seven people can participate in sawing someone else's budget.

Wallet is a great way to stir up a big company. The scenario of the game is this: the police rush into the mafia party, in the room there remains a wallet forgotten by someone, full of money to capacity.

Players taking turns drawing cards from their wallet must improve their financial situation. Ideally, you need to collect the perfect combination of cards as quickly as possible, so as not to arouse suspicion among the police officer, and at the same time break the maximum jackpot.

Fight in World of Tanks offline can from two to five opponents.

The creators of the famous online game for fame have worked on the desktop version of World of Tanks. The same terminology, the same elements, the same design - there is nothing to complain about.

The essence of the card battle comes down to the fact that the player will become the commander of a tank unit, earn battle medals and destroy enemy bases.

Join the throne maybe two to four people.

In order not to languish in anticipation of the final season of the game “Game of Thrones”, fans can immerse themselves in the world of the magic saga along with a board game based on “Songs of Ice and Fire”. The script is in the spirit of the original story. The king calls on representatives of great houses to the capital to appoint a new person to the right hand position.

Players need to build the right tactics, draw as many allies as possible and seize power.

10 cool board games you probably haven’t played yet

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