10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

Messages in messengers, push notifications, likes on social networks, news on TV - all this is terribly distracting. Suddenly it turns out that several hours have passed, and you have not yet started to the intended, but already three times watched the Instagram feed. What to do with this and how modern technologies will help to cope with procrastination, we tell below.

The tendency of a person to procrastination has been studied for decades. Previously, scientists believed that postponing cases until tomorrow is connected with time management skills (more precisely, with their absence), but according to

recent studies,

emotions and self-doubt also play a big role.

In addition, our electronic devices exacerbate the situation:


published in the journal Com29uters in Human Behavior , directly connect procrastination and the time we spend on the Internet with the inability to move from task to task and complete things.

So how to be productive when you want to procrastinate, and the tools that you use for work are actually created to distract you?

Fortunately, there are several life hacks that will save both the world and your work. In this article, we have compiled applications created for the sole purpose of helping you focus on your work.

10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

This is


immediately asks you a question designed to find the "culprit", namely, the reason why you put off work. Users are offered several options to choose from, for example: "this task is too voluminous," "I don’t know where to start," "I made a mistake," and the application will give advice depending on the answer.

For example, if you selected “I don’t know where to start,” the application will offer you to break down the project into components and bring you to its completion by way of parting words. And when you get used to using the application, you can check the statistics of your own productivity during the day.

10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

If you need to print on your computer so that nothing distracts you (just remember all these open tabs), then


already in a hurry to help you. The program offers a plain text document, but with a calmer design and built-in timers, reminders and goals for the day, so you can track your progress.

The program runs on systems Linux , Windows , Mac .

Specially for Mac there is a similar program - Writeroom, it will help writers create masterpieces and not be distracted once again.

No matter how ridiculous it may seem, but sometimes, in order to concentrate fully on the task, we need to change the “picture”. And here comes the portable table


to the rescue. Such a stand costs from 50 to 90 dollars (the price depends on the type of tree that you choose), it weighs less than a kilogram and develops just like a laptop. You can either take it to work with you (and organize your favorite place in the office in this way), or use it at home or in a coffee shop.

10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

Do you think that you spend too much time checking for updates on social networks? The application


will ask you where you look most often - in e-mail or in Twitter , and temporarily this network will block. The application is configured very seriously: even if you still try to go to the social network site, SelfControl will not let you go there, even if you delete it. You just have to suffer until the time (which you set yourself) expires.

The program works best in the Safari browser.

The application Freedom goes even further.

It also blocks the selected sites and applications, but does it on all gadgets at once. In general, everything is very strict.

Works on systems Mac and Windows , as well as on iPhone and iPad .

The application HeyFocus does the same. Its creator Francesco Cirillo invented this technology back in the 1980s, when he was in college and tried to prepare for the session.

Then he used a kitchen timer in the form of a tomato to monitor his productivity for segments of 25 minutes (with breaks of five minutes). Each productive set was named 207omodoro in honor of the timer. The key function of the application lies in its ability to simultaneously block sites and start a session of Pomodoro . You can enable 214ro mode, which will not allow you to deactivate the application, even if you exit it. And for each blocked site, the program will reward you with an inspirational quote.

Suitable for Mac .

10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

The same "tomato" technique, only not in the form of an application, but right in your browser. The digital timer will read the operating time and break time - Chirillo recommends pausing for 15-30 minutes to really optimize productivity. “This time is enough to clean up the desktop, go for coffee, listen to voice messages, check mail or just relax and do breathing exercises,” Chirillo wrote in his research about this technology. “It’s important not to the pause time is nothing complicated, otherwise your brain will not be able to rest and integrate the acquired knowledge (as a result, your next "tomato" session will not be as effective).


Works on Google Chrome .

10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

The world of noise-absorbing headphones is wide and basically not too budget. But if you really appreciate silence, then there are quite a few options. There are wireless headphones


for $ 349, there is a more budget option


for 150 dollars, there are headphones Mono271rice Hi - Fi Active - they cost $ 80 and are considered the best in the ratio "price - quality" according to the

site review Lifewire

. Cheaper options are also available on the market, but if you still decide to buy, carefully read the reviews first:

experts say

that real noise elimination technology is very difficult to make inexpensive.

In order not to invest in something useless, we recommend tormenting the manager in the store and testing the maximum available models.

10 apps and gadgets to help stop procrastinating

Some distract music, while others, on the contrary, the correct “white noise” helps to concentrate. The

2014 Studies

of 2014 show that certain sounds can be useful. So, classical or instrumental music helps students prepare for classes, and office staff - to concentrate. If Beethoven is not to your liking, put on your headphones and turn on

Simply Noise

- the sounds of rain or a murmuring stream.

The Noisli works on the same principle.

Programs are available on the App Store / Google Play.



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